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Another reason we are the best fake id website around is because we accept Crypto currency in order to take advantage of its anonymous nature and difficulty in tracing payment origin. This allows you to have complete privacy with your money.


We use invisible ultraviolet ink to build the correct security image for each Fake ID that we produce. This image appears in the presence of a UV light. We blacklight all IDs before shipping to insure you get the best fake id we can offer!


Every Fake ID that we produce has a scannable barcode and correctly programmed magnetic strips, encoded with all of your data. We scan-test every scannable Fake ID before shipping to insure your product arrives with no hicups!


All of our IDs are pre-printed with 100% genuine microprint imprinted on the PVC. This allows our Fake IDs to pass even the most careful inspection. We are the only Fake ID Maker to implement this in our Fake IDs.


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Ah yes….. A very long story it is indeed but we will try to simplify it for you some. We used to be a domesticfake idvendor located inside the United States of America, however due to growing security concerns and higher demand we decided moving operations abroad was the best way to move forward. After Vending in the United States for more than 2 years we moved our operations to Asia.

Once in Asia we were exposed to a vast amount of sources and manufacturing methods previously not possible while located in the U.S.A. After setting things up we began on a quest to release more and higher security fakes ids, such as Wisconsin, Virginia, New York and others. Fast forward another 2 years and here we are! Years of experience, thousands of hours of hands on practice and devotion, hundreds of thousands of dollars and 2 continents is what it has taken us to be able to issue you the best fake id on the internet.

For the last 2 years while located in Asia we have had teams of people devoted to perfecting our product quality, our logistical systems, our websites user interface and so much more. We can say with the upward most confidence that there are 0 fake id vendors that can be trusted at the same level as us.

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